Saturnian Ring Registry

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About The Registry

The symbolism of rings is significant, denoting love, eternity, power, and even as a charm against evil, so imagine how much meaning naming a Ring can have as a unique gift for that special somebody. The Saturnian Ring Registry (SRR) appreciates the desire for assigning names of loved ones to beautiful celestial objects such as the Rings of Saturn, and has created the registry to archive and document this, offering an original and creative gift idea. With the rings being given letter names D,C,B,A,F  working from D being closest to the planet, outwards to the F Ring, the Saturnian Ring Registry provides the opportunity to register the name of individual rings within these larger ring systems. Click here to view the Registry Gift Package. We offer an international service.

Is the Registry an astronomical organisation?

SRR's registry is symbolic, and not scientific. Saturn's Rings are recorded by SRR using the names chosen by you, and archived in our records, then presented to you in an ornate presentation pack. Registering Rings by name is of both personal and historical significance, with SRR providing the means to do this, without being a recognised astronomical organisation. See FAQs for more information.